Philyodaddy Blog Review of the Week

As I got my internet start as a top 1000 reviewer on, I will once a week highlight some of my favorite reviews.  Only the best.  I’ll try to keep them topical, but here you go, I’m currently the top reviewer on this killer product.  If I had any idea what I was doing, I would just embed it, but I’m much better at writing than pressing my words.

Reviewed 12/29/13 by philyodaddy

5 Stars – $34,000playground


I’d like to tell you how great the value is on this item, but let’s be honest, $34k + $1k shipping = $35k. Doesn’t seem too cheap. However, I can’t even count how many slides this thing has, so on a cost-per-slide basis, you’re not making out too poorly.

I don’t want to plagiarize my review, but the description provided really is great: “Includes UFO Climber Incline half circle climber bump wave slide half circle climber U Climber Swinging Bridge Pyramid Roof (2) Transfer station veritical climber straight loop climber arch bridge corkscrew climber curved sectional slide straight tube slide bench panel s tube slide spiral slide deck to deck steps and more.” NEED I SAY MORE?

The real goal in purchasing this is, of course, that your child falls off and you can spend the planned tuition money on renovating your man cave. That really should be the goal of all purchases made for your children. More Samsungs for Daddy!

Last note – I like the pedophile benches surrounding the play area. Gotta make sure those deviants have a good view.





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